Top 10 Tips for small bathrooms

10 Tips for Designing Small Bathrooms

Choose Light Colours

Using light colours makes a huge difference. Light-coloured paint or tiles will make your bathroom feel open and airy. Good lighting also helps. Let in as much natural light as possible. If that's not an option, use bright artificial lighting.


Light Bathroom

Use Mirrors

Mirrors increase the feeling of size in small rooms. A well-placed mirror reflects natural light, adding to the open feel. The reflection tricks the eye, making the room seem twice as big.


Mirrors Bathroom

Small Sanitaryware

Choose space-saving basins and toilets. They take up less room and provide more storage space. A small basin on a larger countertop can create the illusion of more space and keep things uncluttered.


Small Sanitaryware

Consider Glass Showers

Use a clear glass shower screen for your shower. Clear glass obstructs very little and keeps the room feeling open. It also allows natural light to flow through the space.


10 Tips for Designing Small Bathrooms

Space-Saving Towel Rails

Heated towel rails warm your towels, not the room. Choose compact designs to save space. Our Aldworth Classic Towel Rail and floor-standing options like the Duke Towel Warmer fit well in small bathrooms without taking up much wall space.


10 Tips for Designing Small Bathrooms

Keep It Simple

Avoid over-complicating the bathroom design. Too many units, busy patterns, and multiple colours can make the room feel cluttered. Stick to a light colour palette and consistent style for a clean, spacious look.

Simple Bathroom

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