Designer Radiators

Designer radiators not only elevate the style of any room but also excel in their primary function, providing warmth. With advanced compliance to EN442 standards, these stylish radiators meet rigorous requirements for heat output and quality assurance, ensuring they perform as impressively as they look. Whether you opt for a sleek vertical design or a classic horizontal configuration, rest assured that aesthetics don’t compromise efficiency.


Aluminium radiators are the perfect choice, they are recyclable, adaptive in heating regulation, offering swift warmth yet cooling down rapidly when needed, streamlining energy usage effectively. Our radiators are all BS-EN442 certified meaning compliance with strict construction quality control.


Horizontal Radiators Colours & Styles

Today’s radiators are more than just heat sources, they’re part of your decor. White and black options fit any space, while chrome and anthracite add a modern touch. It’s not all about looks though, heat output matters too.


Larger rooms need higher BTU outputs. Material choice is key in designer radiators, with aluminium and stainless steel radiators being top picks for rapid heating in common areas to their excellent conductivity. Column radiators offer longer lasting warmth.


When it comes to shape, horizontal designer radiators blend seamlessly into many decors whereas vertical ones save wall space, making them perfect when area is tight but style can’t be compromised a priority echoed across homes today.


Vertical Tall Radiators

Vertical radiators offer smart space-saving solutions for heating your home. They stand tall, freeing up wall and floor areas, ideal for narrow spaces like hallways. Efficient in their heat output, they match horizontal radiators.


Vertical tall radiators have surged in choice for many. They fit well into small places where wide horizontal designer radiators can’t go, narrow walls next to doors or large windows. More than just saving space, these upright radiators match a clean look that’s key today.


With versatility in placement beyond traditional under window spots due to modern insulation standards, these heaters can fit behind doors or between furniture units flexibly. Tall vertical designs allow creativity within room layouts without compromising on warmth, making the most of available space while serving as functional decor is among their top benefits. This flexibility enhances both practicality and aesthetic appeal within a household’s design scheme.


It might surprise you, they warm as much as their wider horizontal radiators do! The BTU stands strong with both styles. Your decision lies in what suits your room’s shape and decor best without giving up on warmth or wow factor, this blend of function and form truly defines vertical designs’ growing attraction.


Modern Radiators

Modern homes often choose the latest in radiator technology. Designer horizontal radiators offer not just warmth but also a touch of sleek style, suitable for varied room designs with their assorted sizes and finishes.


It’s about both look and practicality here, people want efficient heat without losing floor area. Mirror radiators add another layer to design, doubling as reflective surfaces while heating rooms effectively, think less clutter with more function rolled into one piece that blends well aesthetically. Energy efficiency is key nowadays, it cuts costs over time, something every homeowner keeps an eye on when picking out such crucial fixtures for their spaces.


Choosing the Right Designer Radiator

When picking a radiator, it’s not just about the look. Sure, style matters but so does the warmth it gives. Find one that fits your room size and heats well using an online BTU Calculator to guide you.


Think beyond today, consider how energy use might affect future bills. Your home’s feel is key too, choose a design that complements what’s already there unless you’re redoing everything.


Why upgrade to a Designer Radiator

Upgrading to designer radiators brings practical benefits. They’re built to be efficient, lasting longer than standard ones and keeping energy costs down. Prices are now much more approachable for homeowners looking to invest smartly in their heating systems.


Luxury Plumbing offers varied styles. Finding a fit for any room’s decor is straightforward, from classic to unique modern designs in multiple colours and finishes that upgrade your home without sacrificing quality or breaking the bank. These models combine functionality with elegance and offer an economical choice over time.


They’re durable and help lower energy bills through improved efficiency, ensuring the investment pays off into the future. With an extensive selection, there’s something for everyone, no matter the desired look. Our customer service make the process smooth and stress-free, guaranteeing satisfaction and peace of mind.


We offer a wide variety of radiator styles and models for your heating needs.

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1. Is it possible to swap out my old radiator for a designer radiator without altering the plumbing?


In most cases, yes. Designer radiators are often made to fit standard radiator fixtures, making it fairly straightforward to replace an old radiator with a new designer model without the need to modify the plumbing.

2. How do I decide between a horizontal and vertical designer radiator?

Take into account the available wall space, room layout, and the overall style you're aiming for. Horizontal radiators are suitable for wider walls and under windows, vertical radiators work well in rooms with limited space.

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3. Do designer radiators need special upkeep?

Designer radiators generally require the same maintenance as panel radiators. It's recommended to regularly clean them, check for leaks, and make sure it has proper heat distribution.

4. Can I use a designer radiator with my existing heating system?

Yes, designer radiators are compatible with most central heating systems, including boilers. Some can also be used as both central heating and using an electrical heating element. This is called duel fuel.

5. Is it possible to regulate the temperature of a designer radiator?

Designer radiators can be linked to thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs), enabling you to manage the temperature of individual radiators in different rooms. This provides better control.

6. Are there options for smart thermostats with designer radiators?

Yes, many designer radiators can be integrated with smart thermostat systems, with remote heating control through a smartphone app.

7. Can I set up a designer radiator in a conservatory or sunroom?

Yes, designer radiators can be installed in conservatories or sunrooms to provide warmth during colder months.

8. Can I put in a designer radiator in a small room without sacrificing space?

Absolutely, vertical designer radiators are great for smaller rooms, as they occupy less horizontal space while still delivering effective heating.

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