Mirror Radiators

A mirrored radiator is an innovative take on a traditional radiator design that serves both looks and function, destined to become the centrepiece of any space. As the name suggests, they feature a built-in mirror, the reflective surface gives mirrored radiators the appearance of a sleek, full-length mirror that blends seamlessly into bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, or hallways when mounted. Much like a traditional mirror, they excel in smaller areas by enhancing natural light, creating the illusion of a larger space. Practical and stylish, mirrored radiators provide an elegant and space-saving solution to incorporate a heat source and mirror in one unified piece. Stylish chrome, black, or white framed mirror radiators can look minimalist or romantic depending on the decor. Mirrored radiators remove visual clutter and brighten up smaller spaces


One of the most popular models is the Florence Mirror Radiator. It’s a perfect blend of modern design and efficient heating. It has a sleek and simple look that goes well with any interior decor. Sophia Mirror Radiator is also nice and elegant and goes with any decor.


Benefits of Mirror Radiators

Mirror radiators blend functionality with style, transforming any room’s ambiance. These clever designs not only warm your space but also bounce light around, making rooms feel brighter and more spacious. Ideal for compact areas where every inch matters, mirrored radiators serve a dual role by saving wall space, perfect for fitting extra items or decorations in snug bathrooms.


Mirrored radiators are great for small bathrooms and bedrooms where space is limited. They serve two purposes, heating the room and providing a full-length mirror. This dual functionality helps maximize the use of limited wall space. Installing a regular radiator and a separate mirror can make a small room feel cramped and cluttered. But a mirrored radiator gives you both in one sleek unit mounted on the wall. This opens up floor space and creates an illusion of a bigger, brighter room.


Combining Functionality and Elegance

Mirror radiators merge practical heat with refined design, elevating any room’s look. Sleek steel finishes contribute to their role as a stylish focal point within the space. They’re not just for warmth, these pieces add contemporary elegance that aligns seamlessly with modern decor tastes.


Mirrored radiators come in different styles from traditional to contemporary. You can choose a finish like chrome, white or black to complement your room’s colour scheme. The mirror can be a full mirror radiator like Quadro mirror radiator or flat edges for diverse looks.


These multi-purpose heaters add a designer touch while being highly practical, especially for compact city apartments or homes. The combination of form and function makes mirrored radiators an excellent choice for small spaces.


You can pick from various sizes, ensuring your choice fits perfectly against any wall size, no more awkward gaps or oversized units dominating rooms needlessly! From slim 280mm width reaching up to 499mm width. Height wise you can enjoy 1600mm and 1800mm sizes.

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